Lords of the Bow (Conqueror, #2) por Conn Iggulden

August 25, 2019

Lords of the Bow (Conqueror, #2) por Conn Iggulden

Titulo del libro: Lords of the Bow (Conqueror, #2)

Autor: Conn Iggulden

Número de páginas: 465 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 8, 2010

ISBN: 000735326X

Editor: Harper Collins Publishers

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Conn Iggulden con Lords of the Bow (Conqueror, #2)

One man would become a legend.

Under his hand, hunters and shepherds have learned to be warriors. They have only their bows, their horses and an iron discipline born of cold, hunger and death. The tribes gather to swear an oath of loyalty to Genghis Khan.

The boy has grown strong, but strength alone is not enough. He has to lead the warriors in battle against a vast and ancient enemy. If they cannot win, everything he has made will be torn down and consumed in fire.